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All vechicles checked for:
  • Theft
  • Accident damage
  • Accident write-off
  • Outstanding finance


AutoVero transacts the off-market sales and purchase of supercars, hypercars and collector cars, whether restricted or not, physical or build-slot.

High-end cars often need to change hands without the internet and the whole world being alerted to the fact a sale is being transacted.

This can be for many reasons – the car could have a restrictive covenant within the manufacturer’s sales contract, or the owner might want to protect his privacy.

Regardless of the reasons, at AutoVero we understand that an off-market sale requires a strong network of professionals and end-users, together witha vast understanding of how

to complete multi-million pound transactions professionally and swiftly.

Transparency and discretion is key to the success of an off-market transaction, and AutoVero has considerable experience in delivering these types of deal to a successful conclusion, whilst providing the client with the requisite comfort and support.

Obviously, discretion is always assured.

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