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1968 Vintage Speedster


If you want the best, here it is. The best Speedster replica you'll ever find.

3,500 miles
Engine Capacity:
Service History:
2 sets
2 plus 2
Build date:
Previous Owners:
4 speed manual


Based in California, Vintage Speedsters are renowned as producing not only the most accurate Porsche 356 Speedster replicas, but also replicas with an unparalleled build quality.

Having made their moulds directly from the actual presses that created the Speedster’s metal panels back in the day, has resulted in them producing a car which can sit next to an original 356 and look virtually identical. The curves, door shuts and panel gaps are beyond reproach.

Move to the inside and the trim and dash is quite something to behold. Accurate Speedster gauges adorn the dash, the cockpit features two 356 bucket seats fitted with buckle and clasp harnesses, period woven floor mats, a 3-spoke wooden steering wheel and the option of the ‘occasional’ rear seats only adds to the car’s versatility.

Built in 2010 on a tax-exempt 1968 chassis by the Vintage Speedster factory in California, this superbly spec’d car was delivered to the UK in 2011. Finished in Silver with red leather and black hood, the engine was spec’d as the larger 1900cc flat four with twin-carbs, providing more than enough power for the requirements of modern motoring when combined with the upgraded disc brakes,

Seven years since being delivered to its first owner, the car has only covered a mere 3,500 miles.

Included with the car is a full set of weather gear. This includes a hood that fits perfectly, being both taught and the perfect replication of the original speedster’s roof shape, a hood cover, a full tonneau cover and drop-in side windows as per the original car.

Inspecting the car, you will find it hard to believe that this car hasn’t just rolled out of the factory. Its flawless paintwork and unmarked interior astounds,

Get behind the wheel and drive the car, and I think anyone with the means would find it difficult not to find themselves reaching for their wallet.

If you want the best Speedster on the market, then this is it,


14/03/13 – Volkswagon Main Dealer, North Street, Glos’ – 1,869 miles
26/03/14 – Volkswagon Main Dealer, North Street, Glos’ – 2,128 miles
18/04/15 – Volkswagon Main Dealer, North Street, Glos’ – 2,432 miles
13/07/16 – Volkswagon Main Dealer, North Street, Glos’ – 2,485 miles
23/06/17 – Volkswagon Main Dealer, North Street, Glos’ – 2,548 miles
14/02/18 – McGurk Performance Cars – 2,712 miles



Most of our clients already have trusted relationships with finance companies they’ve used previously. It’s likely that your chosen provider has already worked with ourselves previously, making the purchase process a simple one.

Should you be considering changing provider, or wish to consider other options, we’d be happy to have a discussion and offer a subjective opinion.

Unlike others, and of most importance, AutoVero does not take commission from any finance deal made, and therefore only has interest in seeing you with the best deal possible.


Wherever you are in the world, we have trusted suppliers to deliver your car direct to your door.

Choose from covered transport or open-trailored, but always comprehensively insured for peace-of-mind.

Whatever your requirements, please let us know and we’re sure to deliver..

Unlike most, we don’t use third-party warranty companies.

We offer our own tailored solution ensuring that should you encounter an issue with your purchase, you’re not dealing with a computer and a faceless corporation.

This enables us to use a common sense approach to your claim, even if it falls outside the terms of the warranty, helping us to keep our customers happy and smiling.

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